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Richard Cohen had been in the recycling industry since 1963 growing up in the family business Sam Cohen Co which had been in operation since the 1920's.

Cohen Rags acting as brokers buys mixed rags, credential clothing, shoes, wiping cloths, fiber for conversion, burlap bags and textiles. Our suppliers are in the United States and Canada. We sell to customers in the USA as well as exporting to Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

Smart-160-AWe offer our suppliers and customers personalized service tailored to their needs. Attention is paid to all the details of each transaction from the start of the order to the final follow through. Helping our suppliers and customers get what they want is our goal.

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As brokers, we get requests daily for all kinds of products. Sometimes, we have them to sell and sometimes we are looking to buy them. Get daily notifications of our needs.

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