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Richard Cohen, President
Cohen Rags
22 Flintlock Rd.
Bedford, NH 03110

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Richard Cohen | Chief Rag Man (CRM)

Richard Cohen 2015Richard Cohen has been in the recycling industry since 1963.

The Cohen family had been grading and sorting used clothing in Brockton Massachusetts since before WWII. In the Sixties, Richard started selling cut wipers to retail users in New England as well as resellers. He was one of the first suppliers in the area to sell wipers packaged in boxes, not bales.

During the Hippie era of the nineteen seventies he opened Sam Cohen's Surplus Store long a landmark in Brockton for used clothing, Army Navy Surplus Clothing and Leather Jackets. The store was known for its large inventory and low prices.

All operations were under the name of Sam Cohen Co.

The retail wiper business was sold in the summer of 2003 to Textile Waste of Charlestown, Massachusetts and all other operations were suspended. Since that time the business has been rejuvenated and is operating under the name of Cohen Rags. Acting as Brokers buying and selling Mixed Rags, Credential Clothing, Shoes, Wiping Cloths and Fiber for Conversion.

Cohen Rags | 22 Flintlock Rd. | Bedford, NH | Tel: 603-488-5904